Euro Travelmate

Meetup App Design for Solo Travellers in Europe

According to research, solo travel has become a big trend since 2016, and the number of those who go on a trip alone went up by 42% in recent years. While some enjoy their time alone, others are willing to make new friends on the road if they find a good match. Euro Travelmate is an application to connect solo travelers in Europe who are looking for company with similar interests. Through interviewing the target audience—people in their 20s—I found that security was their main concern when using meetup apps in a foreign country.

  • Type: Product design (UX/UI)
  • Role: User interview, User testing, Wireframing, Prototyping
  • Team: Self-directed passion project

Design Challenge

Design an app which connects solo travelers in Europe via their shared interest in a way that they can feel safe.


Ensuring Security

Only verified users can make an account. Users must scan their government ID to proceed with registration, the name printed on which will be set as their username.

Providing a safe environment

When users encounter troublesome behavior such as spamming, not showing up, or using inappropriate language, they can rest assured that the problematic user will be blocked from their account.

Connect with like-minded travelers

Posts & activities can be set to the user's current or upcoming location, allowing them to easily find others with the same goals or interests.

Giving users control

In the case that a traveler finds existing activities or events not to their liking, the app allows them to create their own posts to invite others.




User Persona

Initial Wireframes

Initially there was no profile picture as I thought that might feel more like a dating app. However, after interviewing the target audience, I realized that they would feel more safe meeting up with another traveler when they know his or her face beforehand



Along with the cursive font for the logo and headings, the orange point colour creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Blenda Script

This is heading

Mallory Book

This is instructions

Mallory Medium

This is date and name

Mallory light

This is body text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.




User testing matters.

It is easy to be stuck in my own perspective when designing an app. For example, I strongly believed that the profile picture would make it feel like a dating app but realized that the users feel safer with the profile. It is important to remember that the app is for the users not for myself, and many users might have different thoughts from a designer.

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